‘I don’t particularly desire kids, there are so many kids in the world’: Nadia Afgan




Actress Nadia Afgan, who rose to fame with the sitcom ‘Shashlik’ recently appeared on a show where alongside her career, she also opened up about her personal life and choices. Nadia’s decision to not have children after marriage also came up, which is an uncommon in Pakistani society also came up and here is what the actress had to say.

The matter came up when the host Ahsan Khan asked about whether or not she ever wanted to have children, and she shared that she and her husband own two dogs but do not have any children. At one point she thought about it but then she doesn’t particularly desire kids, also as she thought ‘there are so many kids in the world’.

Nadia also shared that she has many fears pertaining to parenthood and is very paranoid about the protection of children in the kind of world that we exist today- calling Ahsan and her co-guest on the show brave for being parents to children and raising them.

The actress also shared about her fourteen year long marriage with husband Jawad Jodhi saying that they both give each other a lot of space and that he is a supportive and sweet person. “I was strict at first, but he’s a calm person”, she said.