Mystery Marriage: An entanglement between TikToker Hareem Shah and PPP politician

Six clues that lead to the identity of Hareem Shah’s mystery husband



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Pakistan’s famous social media celebrity Hareem Shah recently confirmed news of her marriage, revealing that she had tied the knot with a Pakistan People’s Party leader this past Monday. However, the TikTok star did not reveal who her husband was, keeping his identity under wraps.

In an interview, Hareem Shah stated that she can’t reveal her husband’s identity until he takes permission from his first wife.” However, what she did reveal was four clues about the identity of her husband which are as follows:

  1. Husband is from PPP
  2. Husband is residing in Karachi
  3. Husband is much older than her
  4. Husband is a renowned personality of Pakistan.
  5. Husband is already married
  6. Husband is a member of the Sindh Assembly

On a live session with Geo News, Hareem stated “I will reveal his identity soon after I will get the permission.”

 When asked who is stopping her, she said: “As I have told earlier that my husband is married and as soon he will take permission from his wife and tell his family, we will announce our marriage.” The TikTok star also shared that her husband had promised her that he will convince his first wife for this marriage.

While we wonder who Hareem’s mystery husband is PPP politicians are also pondering over the same idea. Upon being questioned on the topic, Provincial Minister Nawab Taimur Talpur answered saying that the whole party is searching for the person who married Shah in a private ceremony.

What are your thoughts on this enigmatic turn of events? Let us know in the comments below.