Mohsin Abbas Dedicates a Heartfelt Post to his Late Daughter on Instagram

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


Mohsin Abbas Haider has always been in the spotlight. He gained a lot of fame by being in the spotlight as the singer/rapper at mazakraat TV show and for of his controversial roles on the silver screen (such as Meri Guriya). Where at one point he actor was trolled for his controversial shoot yet got immense support from his fans when the actor took to social media and posted about his mental health and the depression and anxiety he was going through and how it was making him suicidal.

Mohsin got married in 2017 and was blessed with a beautiful daughter, who unfortunately was way too special for this world and Allah just invited the innocent soul right after merely a month. The cause of her death was not disclosed by the actor in detail.

Almost after a year the actor just took the internet by storm by posting a picture with a tattoo made on his heart saying ‘Veenu Kay Baba’. With this emotional picture the actor is receiving tons of love and good wishes for him and his family.

We hope and wish that he and his heart finds peace and may his all struggles come to an end soon and may he gets to smile again with a happy heart!!