Missing and yearning the ronak of the Kabah this ramadan

Mahrang Anwer

Mahrang Anwer

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With strict social distancing directions being observed all over the world, the breath taking synchronised ‘Tawaf’ around the Kabah is being missed by almost every muslim around the world.

Muslim’s who have visited before reminisce, while the one’s waiting for their turn wish and yearn for the return of the ‘Tawaf’ and being able to perform their obligations in this lifetime.

Prayers for forgiveness and the radiance and magnificence of the Kabah to return to normal, are going to be the most repeated prayers this Ramadan.





However as Muslims wish and pray for the return of Umrah and Hajj the underlying message for all believers is to bind ever more powerfully in faith and forgiveness. It is a reminder that our blessings should not and cannot be squandered.
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