‘Misogynist’: Ali Gul Mallah’s comment on Dur-e-Fishan’s body sparks outrage on the internet

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Blessed would be the day men will finally realise it is not okay or acceptable at all to make comments about women’s bodies.

Actor Ali Gul Mallah was a guest on Sahir Lodhi’s show where the host asked him what advise would he give to the actress Dur-e-Fishan, who had taken the country by storm with her fantastic performance in ‘Ishq Murshid’.

Ali Gul decided this was perfect moment to critique Dur-e-Fishan’s body, and said she should lose some weight. “May Allah grant her success, and she should take care of her health a bit, become a bit healthy, and make her health better, meaning she should go on a diet,” he said.

The host Sahir Lodhi had stepped in to say that the actress was perfect the way she was, but the damage has already been done.

Internet users were outraged by Ali Gul’s disgusting comment, and rightfully pointed out that Dur-e-Fishan was a spectacular actress who did not need to lose weight to reach where she is now.