Why Mahwish From ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ Has Us Lost For Words



In case you weren’t able to watch the latest episode of Humayun Saeed and Ayeza Khan starrer drama serial Mere Paas Tum Ho, let us inform you – you’ve missed quite a bit!

Within the episode, we see Mahwish giving Shehwar her full consent to initiate divorce between her and her husband, Danish. We then see Shehwar talking to Danish into divorcing his wife and providing him with ample proof including phone call recordings of his wife expressing her desire and consent to pursue her new love, Shehwar!

Nothing out of the unusual yet…until Danish gets home heartbroken and hurt (literally – as he gets into an accident on his way back post meeting with Shehwar) when Mahwish shows a whole new side to her – unapologetically stern and definitely not sorry, or ashamed for that matter!

Upon Danish confronting her about the iconic time she spent in Islamabad with Shehwar in a ‘pink nightie’ (Shehwar shows Danish photographs as proof), Mahwish blatantly goes on to degrade her husband saying he will always remain ‘the frog at the pit of a well’ and that he should tell their soon Roomi that she will be away for sometime as she has gone abroad!

Source: Gulf News

Mahwish’s character has been portrayed as such who can easily toss away anything and everything at the brink of the moment for the lust of a better lifestyle, which has us thinking that it cannot all be worth it at the end of it? Tossing away a loving husband and leaving behind your school-going child all for the love of an older wealthier man and his luxurious lifestyle.

Watch the latest episode below:

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