Menswear genius Emraan Rajput on redefining the fashion landscape and enjoying the process

I pour all of what I have in each collection ~ Emraan Rajput




Expanding clientele, striking editorials and celebrity partnerships, Emraan Rajput lets us into his creative space.

What seems to be happening over at Emraan Rajput’s HQ?

As of now we’re up to our ears with getting all our Eid orders dispatched while simultaneously planning our next series of shoots for our festive and Eid-ul-Azha collections.

What does the artistic process look like for you when designing a new collection?

I weigh just about every little detail. From what sort of fabric we need to the sort of work that needs to be done on it.

I envisage all sorts of patterns and combine them with the color schemes that would work best. I pour all of what I have into each collection because I’ve always been someone who aims to make others see how style can  grow, change and be discovered.

What does the Emraan Rajput man symbolize?

He has a quiet sophistication about himself. He doesn’t take notes on what’s around him. Rather it’s those around him who take notes. The Emraan Rajput man is someone who struts with confidence, isn’t boisterous or consuming in any way- in a manner that rather inspires those who see him to acquire his style and suave.

Where do you see the brand in the next 5 years?

To be entirely honest I don’t foresee so far into the future. Though I understandably envision the brand to be achieving new levels of success, I take each day at a time and focus on what else I can do to make the brand stand out. Last year it was fast fashion. This year I aim to surprise!

What’s your take on Pakistani fashion on the global stage?

Our designers truly are some of the most talented and hard working people I’ve ever come across. What everyone sees is the finished product, I honestly wish the process leading up to that product was documented as much.

I believe our fashion would shine on the global stage because of our handwork as well as our cultural impact that tells a story.

What’s the one thing you’d like for your clientele to take from Emraan Rajput?

Whether it’s the young teenage boy buying his first ever suit or the groom making sure he looks spick and span for his special day, I want all of them to feel  the brand cares about their memories just as much as they do.

Our aim has always been to be tastemakers, showing our clientele a side that perhaps they wouldn’t otherwise consider.  A color they never considered before to the sort of suit they didn’t realize they could pull off. With ER you’ll always find something innovative and fresh.

You’re a designer who also enjoys the adventurous editorial from time to time. How does that whole process look like?

To keep your inner artist alive and well, you have to give it the opportunity to play. Honestly it can only happen where I’ll be sitting with a friend or a member of my team and inspiration  strikes. And once it does that editorial becomes my new obsession.

From choosing the model to creating the looks all the way down to designing a concept that is as multifaceted as it can be. I make sure that the team involved feels as though they have the creative independence to play alongside me.

If you could tell your younger self anything what would it be?

I’d tell him to relax and enjoy the process. I’d tell him that the world will favor you only if you favor yourself and your talent.

Often times we are susceptible to running aimless races with ourselves. I’d tell him that all lasting things have a foundation which must be strong.

 Do you think you could give us a peek into what to expect from you this year?

I’d hate to ruin the surprise! But just expect that whatever we deliver will be done with all our hard work and effort and we hope you all like it!