Men who cannot differentiate between a colleague and a friend: Let Anoushey Ashraf educate you



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Recently, Pakistani VJ and actress Anoushey Ashraf made a post in which she educated male co-stars on the very basic difference between a ‘colleague’ and a ‘friend’: describing the obvious need to remain mindful of one’s language and behaviour in a professional capacity – and the absolute necessity to avoid unnecessary physical contact when interacting with colleagues.

Anoushey turned to her Twitter to call out all male co-stars who do not understand the concept of ‘personal space’, and are incapable of understanding the difference between a professional acquaintance and a personal friend. She wrote, “Just because we worked well on a project together doesn’t mean I’m now ‘babe’ and you can hold me by the waist to take selfies at events. We’re colleagues, NOT friends. Know the difference. Understand the concept of personal space.

Considering that human beings have been blessed with senses, one would imagine that men would not have to be taught this very basic and fundamental concept of not unnecessarily invading personal boundaries when it comes to another human being. Particularly physical boundaries- of another person you do not fully know, and who clearly is not welcoming your unnecessary advances into their physical space. Yet *sigh*, even in the 21st century it seems that many men are yet to evolve to the stage where they will be equipped to understand, sense and know the difference!

Have you also had similar unpleasant experiences of male co-workers, staff or even relatives crossing boundaries while disregarding your personal space and comfort? Let us know in the comments below!