Mehwish Hayat: “problem is not with how women dress, but its the mentality!”

An old news clip featured the actress and singer defending the right for women to dress any way they want

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


A woman’s clothes are not a reason for sexual harassment, but its a man’s mindset that needs to be changed! In an old news clip with Geo News, Mehwish Hayat was featured sitting in an interview for her film “Actor in Law” where where she defended the right for women to dress in any way they desire. The actress and singer pointed out that our society has a misogynist mindset that refuses to teach men to respect women, and when she had gone abroad she had not faced the same issue when wearing different clothes:

“The problem is not with how a woman dresses but with the mindset of our society. We need to change the way our mindset works, because when I was in the west and wearing different clothes, I did not face any problem regarding staring or harassment that I would have encountered over here. So the problem I think lies in our misogynist mindset which needs to change.”

Then Mehwish Hayat discussed a scene in her new film “Actor-in-law” where she and Fahad Mustafa were wearing burkha’s and walking in a market when a man harasses Fahad’s character, and Mehwish tells him that clothes do not protect women from being harassed:

“There is a scene in the film where my co-star, Fahad Mustafa and I are wearing burkha’s and we are walking through a market place. Then a man passes by us and he gropes Fahad, who looks upset about it. Then my character asks him whether he had just experienced harassment, and tells him that clothes do not protect a woman from harassment but it’s our mindset that needs to be changed to teach men to respect women.”

You can watch the complete clip below:


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