Meenu wins our heart in the latest episode of Chupke Chupke by finally standing up for herself!

“People tell their daughters to fix their homes but never tell their sons to learn manners” Amen!

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Meenu has not been treated fairly in the last few episodes since her marriage by her family’s choice to Faazi. After that, she was subjected to harsh treatment from the rest of the family members like Gul apa (played by Mira Sethi), and then even her husband Faazi acted hostile towards her by kicking her out of the house because she knew about Mishi and Hadi’s relationship, and then even declared that he was divorcing her when she tried to beg him to take her  back.

In yesterday’s episode, when Faazi comes back to take her home, Meenu puts her foot down and declared in front of her family that she would not go home to a person who did not treat her with respect. In front of her husband and her family, she said that she was tired of being used by other people and for once wanted her own peace:

“What house, Bebe? I dont have any home? When I’m there, Gul apa tells me to leave. And when I come here, you tell me to go back to my home. My life is drifting away like a damaged kite. Sometimes here in Nawab villa and then in side Nawab house. Mishi did a good job that she ran away from here, because every one here wants to prevent each other from seeking happiness. Abba, it’s too much now. Too much. Please stop this nonsense now. I can’t keep running around on your orders any more. Now I’m not going to live with him any more.”

Meenu wasn’t done here with her family members and made sure to remind them that taking care of a house is not the woman’s sole responsibility, and a man must also make sure that he treats his wife with respect and honor!

In the upcoming promo for tonight’s episode, we see Meenu’s phupoo trying to persuade her to go back to her house by reminding her that its women who must compromise to save their homes. Meenu clearly reminds her that her husband needs to learn to respect her before she goes back to him:

“A person who cannot tell what’s right or wrong in his house cannot do any justice to other relationships in his life… People tell their daughters to remain in their homes and fix them, but they refuse to remind their sons how to live and respect other human beings.”

Way to go Meenu for finally taking a stand against your family! We’re loving the way she is confidently letting other people know that she is no longer the naĂŻve, day dreaming girl we met in the first episode, but a strong woman who doesn’t let people treat her in a disrespectful manner.