Media obtains secret diary of Bushra Bibi showing how she controlled IK’s politics

The diary allegedly shows Bushra Bibi’s involvement in guiding PTI’s politics.




In an unexpected turn of events, media claims to have obtained the secret diary of Bushra Bibi, showing how she controlled husband and PTI leader Imran Khan’s political decisions.

Information from what is allegedly the private diary of the wife of former PM is currently being read and examined on local news channels. The leaked diary entries obtained by SAMAA TV allegedly detail Bushra Bibi’s role in shaping the country’s political landscape.

According to reports, the diary includes documented tales of Bushra Bibi’s attempts to influence important Pakistani leaders. It raises concerns about the amount of her influence on PTI’s decision-making processes that she appears to be concentrating on Imran Khan’s thinking through her  use of prayer, rhetoric, and persuasive language.

The development has stirred controversy, with social media users questioning both the ethical implications of making private content public, and a spouse shaping a key political figure’s thinking and personality to this extent.

Some users still feel Bushra Bibi is apolitical and all allegations are false.

Others also commented on a news channel reading somebody’s private diary.