Marvel releases the breath-taking trailer for the film “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” and social media is in tears.

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


After the tragic demise of Chadwick Boseman in 2020, many users were left crushed because there is no one else they could imagine having the charm and allure of Lord T’Challa the way he did. There were many theories about who would become the next person to rule the kingdom of Wakanda, whether it will be the younger sister Shuri, or the fearless warrior Okoye.

And now director Ryan Coogler is back with this absolutely gorgeous trailer of the new film “Wakanda Forever” and it has completely absorbed all of our attention. Starting from the exhilarating drums that shift to Chadwick’s face, and then Angela Basset’s powerful presence as she enters in to a meeting at the United Nations headquarters, we’re left demanding more. Here is the full teaser:

Social media users were moved to tears by the powerful clip and were anticipating how fast 11th November would arrive