Lahore hospital replaces sick baby boy with dead baby girl, attracting outrage

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


In a shocking incident, a hospital in Lahore exchanged a sickly baby boy with a dead baby girl handed back to parents instead. Speaking to DAWN, a police official said the baby boy was brought to Lahore Children’s Hospital a few days ago for medical treatment. The doctors had declared the boy died from sickness, and handed back the body to the father who took it back to their native city, Gujranwala, for burial.

The family later came back to the hospital administration and told them they had received the dead body of a baby girl rather than the boy, whom he had brought for treatment. The hospital authorities were left shocked by the discovery, and had immediately launched an investigation into the matter. The police official said the baby boy was discovered to be missing from the hospital.

The family filed a case with the Naseerabad police station against the hospital’s management and the doctor’s involved in the crime. The Punjab Health Department has also taken notice of the incident and has formed an inquiry committee to probe into the actions of the three doctors at the Children’s Hospital.