khaas- An impactful drama comes to an end with a strong message yet fans are disappointed!

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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Khaas no doubt was a well-executed and well-directed drama that left numerous lessons throughout its journey on the television. The impactful drama came to an end last night and somehow was not the way majority of the viewers wanted it to be.

The story of a narcissist husband, Ammar who learnt his lesson, Saba earned respect and love back from her parents got married to Fakhir, was the perfect way viewers wanted the drama to end at. The last episode left a strong message for all those husbands who think very highly of themselves and do not value their wives or any other women. It gave a message to all the parents out there to trust their daughters and to always support them, it gave a strong message that money can never buy happiness or respect all you need is a loving life partner to lead a happy life.

The twist and the most disturbing part of the drama was Fakhir’s sudden death which to many viewers was of no use. The viewers only wanted, Ammar to learn his lesson and a fairy-tale ending for both Saba and Fakhir.

We believe that the writer wanted to leave a strong impact where she did show how a narcissist person is left alone in the end and how a widow or any women can live her life with respect and dignity without a man’s support. Viewers had some emotional expectations that Saba should be living a happy married life with her child and husband, Fakhir but we think the main idea of the drama was to show support and give strength to all the women out their that they are very ‘khaas’ with or without a man.

Khaas has one strong and special message apart from the drama and that is to not to use the phone while driving as that was the reason, Fakhir met with an accident.


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