‘Kaam vali massi’ is not an insult & Syra Yousuf is here to make that clear!




Actress and model Syra Yousuf recently took to the internet to make it clear that ‘Kaam vali massi’ is NOT an insult and we couldn’t agree more with her.

It all started when the Chalay Thay Saath actress posted a picture of herself decked up in beautiful red traditional clothing posing in designer clothing. Syra of course looked gorgeous in the look, however as usual a random user interrupted posting a meaningless comment saying “Sorry for this expensive dress but you look like our kaam wali maasi”. Apparently, through saying this he was meaning to demean Syra.


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The comment itself is probably the most unimportant thing we’ll come across the entire day, but what’s important is the need to shed light on the terms we as a society consider to be derogatory or demeaning. The term ‘Kaam wali’ which literally means somebody who earns through working, should actually be considered a compliment, because earning through one’s own effort teaches one to remain humble, kind and disciplined, amongst other things.

Moreover, those who work in our homes, typically form the most hardworking segment of our society, despite being extremely under payed and under respected. They take care of the food that goes into our bodies, the homes that we live in and so many things, big and small, that we need. And yet, we fail to give them basic respect even!

In line with all this, Syra Yousuf responded keeping it cool, calm and real, saying “Aapki kaam wali massi aur meri twin ko 🙋‍♀️”. And we want to send a Salaam from our ends too 🙂