JI politician distributes watermelons to help people cool off during heatwave




Amidst the sweltering Lahori heat wave, Jamaat-e-Islami politician Ahmad Salman Baloch, decided to distribute watermelons with his name and constituency number engraved onto them, amongst the Lahori public. Though the politician could have had the best of intentions in doing so, the act did not settle well with social media users who have been in fits ever since!

“Heatwave, sweltering heat: A gift of fresh sweet watermelon from Jamaat-e-Islami to people. Prayers for rain,” tweeted Baloch sharing pictures of the watermelon distribution ceremony.

During the distribution ceremony, Baloch gathered people in a room. They were then seated in front of a table full of the round fruit where they waited for their turn to receive the fruit as a gift. They were then called one by one to pose and take pictures, as Baloch handed the water melon with his name carved on it to each of them.

However, pictures from the watermelon distribution ceremony did not land well on social media, where they met with mixed reactions: laughter mainly, sarcasm and some appreciation. Many netizens grabbed the opportunity to poke fun at the entire idea and its showy execution.


According to Baloch, these people failed to see the “larger cause” behind the activity. He said the watermelons were distributed among children for whom his party regularly held gatherings and other activities.