Jamat e Islami Gujranwala removes Jungkook bill board installed by the army



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As per the latest update, Jamat e Islami Gujranwala removed the BTS bill board installed by the Gujranwala Army.

Gujranwala Army had set up the poster, in which a picture of BTS band member Jungkook is representing the army and wishing it a ‘Happy 24th Birthday’, which has been removed by Jamat members on accord of their claim that the poster is promoting ‘Hum- Jins Parasti’ or homosexuality.

Until a few hours ago, the poster featuring Jungkook and reading ‘Jungkook BTS Gujranwala Army’ had been making rounds on social media. It may be interesting to note that the band BTS was chosen to represent the army considering the fact that the success of BTS’s music can largely be attributed to the subject of their music. While many K-pop songs are about relationships and love, “BTS covers subjects that other bands may not, like bullying, elitism, and mental health. Their ability to be relatable, humble while still being entertaining is rare.”

It is also interesting to note that ARMY was established as BTS’ fandom name, soon after the release of the band’s first single, “2 Cool 4 Skool”.


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However, we can all now say goodbye to the Gujranwala Army ft. Jungkook BTS poster!

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