“It hurts and it leaves you speechless. I’m praying for this injustice to end”: Shaegill grieves the Faisalabad hate crimes




Shaegill recently grieves the hate crimes against the Christian community in Faisalabad in a public post.”It hurts and it leaves you speechless, quite literally. I’m praying for this injustice to end”, wrote the budding singer.

The young singer who mostly keeps to herself and barely ever posts personal opinions on social media, recently received criticism from many social media users  for not sharing any political statements about the Jaranwala church incident.

At the same time, many fans came to her defense saying that many public figures are not comfortable sharing political statements publicly and there is nothing wrong with that. Others condemned targeting a person of Chrisitan faith publicly like this when the community is already going through so much.

One user wrote “I think I can speak for the Christian community when I say that all of us are shaken at the Jaranwala incident. Our choice to give a political statement or not give one is just that – our choice. It’s not easy being in the public eye and making political statements especially on something as sensitive as religion. Just one thing you say that the masses don’t like and you have a target on your back (now multiply it by ten if you’re a minority).”