Is Sameera Too Harsh On Her Father In Ruswai?!

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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Drama serial Ruswai has always been in the spotlight since it has addressed the subject of Rape and how rape survivors are treated in our society. Ruswai has also brought in light how rape victims are considered as a shame for the families and how it effects the lives of their parents and siblings through Sameera’s (Sana Javed) character.

The drama has a strong grip over its script as it has shown how Sameera, gains strength back after taking a step for herself and ending a toxic marriage. They have also shed light on the case of Mukhtara Mai and how Sameera takes an inspiration from her case.

As Sameera is back home and after going through a miserable married life , her brother and father file for divorce and get the papers signed by her husband, Salman.

Sameera’s father hands over her the divorce papers to which she gets way too harsh with him. She accuses him of being the sole reason of her getting raped and then getting divorced. Sameera has been terribly hurt by her father ad she thinks he lost grip over her hand just to save her sister-in-law which further on resulted in   her getting raped.

Fans think that she got way too harsh on her father, as parents can never purposely bring trouble to their children and it was just a state in which his father got confused.

The episode brought tears to many when, Sameera blames her father for being the reason behind her divorce and spoiling her life.

We think that surviving in our society as a rape victim is itself a tough situation to deal with the embarrassment and shame is always for the victim rather being on the culprit.

We really hope that this drama brings more awareness in our society and let people understand that one should not hide away such incidents as this is only giving courage to the culprits to commit more of such crimes.

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