Is Amna Ilyas’ kick off challenge supposed to make us laugh?



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Amna Ilyas recently posted a video of herself in which she intentionally delivers a forceful kick on the face of an anonymous person sitting in front of her, adding the caption “Bullseye 🎯”, implying that the kick landed right where it was intended to.


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A post shared by Amna Ilyas (illy) (@aamnailyas)

Coming across this post, some of the things we want to know are: First, would Amna find the video just as funny if her position was exchanged with the person sitting in front of her? Second, what kind of mentality does one need to have, for them to find it funny when one human being kicks another across their face without any cause or reason? Third, who exactly is the person sitting in front of Amna Ilyas and what exactly were the circumstances under which he agreed for her to shoot such a video at his expense?

Although Amna also added something of a “disclaimer” at the end of her post, claiming that no one was hurt in the making of the video, it served little purpose in lessening the distastefulness of the post, as the content still shows her disrespecting and demeaning another person for no rhyme or reason.

While it is not uncommon for Pakistani celebrities to show little or no regard for social responsibility, with instances such as Abrar-ul-Haq holding mothers and their usage of cell-phones accountable for the way children turn out, and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram filming Minal Khan while driving and posting the video online, this one sets another example of celebs publishing irresponsible and distasteful content online, showing little or no regard for the impact it will leave on audiences.