Celebs & social responsibility: Shaniera Akram calls out Ahsan Mohsin for showing none!




Australian social worker and wife of former Pakistani cricket team captain Shaniera Akram recently called out Pakistani television actors and couple Ahsan Mohsin and Minal Khan for showing disregard for road safety by recording a video while driving and later also publicizing the footage on social media. “Come on guys, you’re famous and have millions of followers, is it too hard to be a little more responsible?”, Shaniera questioned.

Shaniera Akram took to her Instagram account to school the couple for recording videos while driving and not wearing a seat belt despite having millions of followers to leave an irresponsible impact on.

Shaniera Akram Minal Khan

Shaniera added “I’m sorry to say but that song won’t be as cute if she’s singing it in the hospital”, and we guess she has a point.

Prior to this, Shaniera has been actively engaged with various kinds of social work, community service and charitable causes. Her work has included creating environmental awareness, speaking about road safety, rehabilitating victims of the 2016 Lahore suicide bombing, raising charity for hospitals, promoting health and fitness,  recycling and clean drinking water.

What are your thoughts regarding a social worker of Austrailian origin taking the pains to coach Pakistanis on being a little more responsible in their own country. Do you become a good, responsible and loyal citizen simply by being born in a country or does it take something else to prove your mettle? Let us know in the comments below!