Imran Ashraf’s dialogues from Mushk win hearts



Source: HUM TV

Mushk is 12 episodes in and the audience is hooked! Time to time, drama critics head in for a check on how the Pakistani television audience is responding to a particular drama after its been airing for a while – Mushk has not once let anyone down as people continue to love Imran Ashraf and his creative talent.

Directed by Aehsun Talish, produced by Momina Duraid and written by Imran Ashraf, Mushk is definitely not your average drama serial. With a deep storyline by the very best and a stellar cast, it was bound to garner attention. The dialogues from the show have gained special attention and appreciation from the viewers.

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Here’s what the audience of the drama serial is saying about it:

Imran Ashraf also keeps checking in with his fans and followers on what their views are on the episodes of the drama serial. Here’s his last check in for the 12th episode and the audience is clearly overjoyed and happy with the flow of the show.

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