Urwa Hocane is winning hearts with her comeback in Mushk




Imran Ashraf’s ‘Mushk’ just aired it’s 8th episode and it’s safe to say, the drama serial has the audience hooked! Usually drama serials begin to fade out after the first 3 to 4 episodes but Mushk has continued to keep the audience engaged so far.

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One of they key reason why many were looking forward to release of Mushk when it was first announced was the return of Urwa Hocane to TV screens after a period of four years. She was last seen in Udaari in 2016 alongside Farhan Saeed and Ahsan Khan.

Urwa plays the character of ‘Guddi’ in Mushk. Guddi is apparently a grey character who has both positive and negative sides.

Fans and followers of the actress have been ecstatic to have her back on screens. Here’s what they’re saying on social media:

By the looks of it, the audience is absolutely in love with Urwa’s character Guddi in Mushk. Her energetic performance in the drama serial has undoubtedly charmed its way into many hearts. On Urwa’s part, what a fantastic comeback, indeed!

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