Imran Abbas: A better singer or a better actor?



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Famous Pakistani actor Imran Abbas, who started out in the media industry as a model, has often been in the limelight for his impressive acting skills, but from what we’ve been seeing in recent videos, the actor is also a very good singer.

So we compiled a list of all the times we’ve heard Imran grooving to different beats and enjoyed it!

This video from his unplanned jam session with @shanyhaider on the piano, where he is singing Hum hain iss pal yahaan sung and arranged by the famous A.R Rahman.

And this uncut video of him singing Tum Na Jaane by the legendary Lata Mangeshkar, without the support of any musical instruments.

Β The time he showed up on the Express Channel’s show Ehd-e-Ramzan and recied the famous Bekas pe karam kijiye, Sarkar-e-Madina from the old film Mughal-e-Azam.

And the time he went full on pro, with his Kashmir beats single Soniye.

In lieu of his multidimensional talents, in the past the actor himself also hinted at making his debut on TikTok. When, in a Q&A session with his followers on Instagram, the actor claimed β€œI might make my TikTok profile soon for my fans too since I receive thousands of messages from them.”

What is your preference? In future, would you like to see more of Imran Abbas singing or acting? Let us know in the comments below.