I want to travel as much as possible before having kids: Saboor Aly gets candid about family planning




We often hear celebrities talk, but rarely ever is it about the important aspects of life and the small ways in which they make their own life more meaningful. And so we’re loving this interview of Saboor Aly, where the actress shares her own goals around family planning, and how it is important for women to have children only when they feel ready for it!!!

Appearing on the podcast ‘Footprints’, Saboor spoke about her desire to travel more before settling down and having children.


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Saboor opening up on the topic of topic of family planning, which is pretty much left undiscussed and filtered in our society, reminds more women that it’s not necessary to immediately start building a family to please society. And the importance of being attentive to one’s own body, wishes and desires.

The actress recalled how difficult it was for her mother to travel with Saboor, her sister Sajal Aly and their brother. “It was challenging for our mother to travel with me and Sajal. I believe it becomes quite difficult to travel with children. Even with just one child, you can’t travel with the same ease. Therefore, I aim to travel as much as possible before having kids, as it would pose difficulties in traveling afterwards,” she said. Recalling her mother’s journey and describing how she gathered her own lessons about motherhood from it, Saboor brings up an important point of thought for all mums and mums-to-be!!!