I used to hit people a lot & broke a girl’s ribs: Faryal Mehmood




Actress Faryal Mehmood appeared as a guest in an entertainment show where the actor opens up on her career, her friendship with host Momin Saqib, and her childhood in which she was kicked out of several schools before reaching 12th grade because of her aggressive nature.

Talking to Momin Saqib in an episode of ‘Had Kar Di’, Faryal recalled “I used to hit people a lot’. One time I broke a girl’s ribs…I was very young and I knew how to fight. So I just fought and it went to another level. I kicked her and I broke her ribs and then I got suspended.”

Faryal Mehmood talked about her career and said that since her entire family belonged to the showbiz industry, she also wanted to act, ‘My mother was an actress as well as a singer, my grandfather was a music director.

The actress further revealed that if she had not been an actress, she would have been a thief. Explaining her reasons, she said, “I think I can do big robberies, because I act well, so I can sell and eat to anyone.” To the host’s question, Faryal Mehmood added that he too was expelled from several schools before class 12.

Both Faryal and host Momin complimented each other for the high level of energy the two have, and their positive outlook towards life!