Sleaze in the industry worsens as you go up: Faryal Mehmood

“I would get very indirect messages”

Shanzay Salman

Shanzay Salman

Features Editor
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Faryal Mehmood who keeps a low profile on social media, recently featured in an exclusive interview with Something Haute, where she opens up about casting couch in Pakistani entertainment industry, her miserable childhood and making it big on her own. “I don’t really do many interviews, but this is right from the heart, upfront”, says Faryal.

Success in the industry is easier if you are willing to go by “the tricks and tactics”

Amna Chaudhary asks Faryal Mehmood about her experience of making it on her own in the Pakistani industry,  coming from the US as an overweight girl and without any prior acting experience. And whether there is any truth in the idea that becoming successful in the local media industry is not difficult at all as all doors are open for talent and upcoming actors.. as most other ‘girls’ claim… Faryal says that all those who make such claims are lying. It is very difficult if one is an honest person. If you know the tricks and tactics, are willing to party around with the right people, spread around gossip and rumors at your convenience and go ‘talk’ around with a producer or two, it is not difficult and you can manage to get by.

Sleaze in the industry worsens as you go up: “I would get very indirect messages”

Upon being asked how can girls in the industry can get more safety, without them having to say it or LOSE WORK, because not everyone is confident or strong enough. Faryal shared, “I would get very indirect messages “Ap ek saal mujhe dey deyn”. In what sense? she asked “Drive peh Chalte hain”...

Regarding this, she said that the sleaze worsens as you go up (or higher in terms of social status) …She explained that from men who belonged to higher ranks and who would be trying to get her attention, she would get sleaze under the guise of criticism. This was to make her feel like there was something lacking or wrong in her person, so she would turn to them for being fixed. “What’s wrong with you?”, ” Why doesn’t anybody want to work with you?” “Why are you so difficult?” “Why do you have so many behavioral issues” were just some of the remarks she encountered. She also talks about how some producers would make “very inappropriate jokes”, expecting laughter in return, and says she would just not give it!

Defaulted payments to bad attitudes: absence of professionalism in the media industry

She further spoke about the lack of professionalism in the industry, in the absence of any stringent rules pertaining to payments being made to artists, the code of conduct when dealing with different team members and the absence of humane behavior towards team members such as makeup artists etc.

 Our masses don’t have exposure, but there is potential

Ending the interview on a hopeful note, she says the masses don’t have exposure, but there is potential. Faryal also said that if, for once we consider ourselves to be responsible for educating our masses, and not worry about the money, and take charge of using our plays to show our masses that look this is what is going on in your life, and this is how you can deal with such a situation, there can actually be a change.