‘I myself am laughing after watching this clip’: Nida Yasir on her Formula 1 video



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Opening up about her video clip that recently went viral, morning show host Nida Yasir said ‘I myself am laughing after watching this clip, I am finding it funny too’, in an interview with Independent Urdu. Nida said the video clip was of an interview she had hosted about six or seven years ago, and so she has no idea about how it has now gone viral all of a sudden.

Speaking about the questions she was asking the young engineers on her show, Nida said ‘I made a mistake and I am laughing at it myself now, and next time I will try that I talk only after doing full research.’

The comedy started with a video clip in which, host Nida Yasir talking to two engineer boys on her morning show about a Formula 1 car they created, repeatedly questioned them about the kind of ‘formula’ they had used, the kind of ‘formula being experimented with in the creation of the car’ and the number of people who could be seated in this ‘formula car’.

Soon, the video clip went viral over Twitter, with netizens making memes and all sorts of jokes about the incident. However, it is nice to see Nida generously admitting to her mistake and committing herself to doing more research in future in efforts to improve her craft. We hope to see her doing more shows!

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