“I misbehaved with my father-in-law so he beat me. Don’t want legal action”: Video assault victim





Video: The assault victim in the recent viral video of a man beating his daughter in-law in Punjab recently issued a video statement saying she does not want to press charges against her father-in-law and that she had been beaten because she had misbehaved with him.

The case against the father-in-law has been revoked after the victim being beaten in the video said that she was bea*en because she had misbehaved with her father in-law and the matter has been resolved, so she doesn’t want any legal action.

Earlier, an FIR was registered against the man for physically assaulting the woman after a video surfaced on social media. It turned out that the man had beaten his daughter-in-law after she failed to serve him food on time in Sheikhupura, Punjab.


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The woman’s children and other house members could be seen trying to save her from domestic violence in the viral video but the father-in-law was continued with physical aggression, slappng & kicking the woman in question. In fact, it seems to be at the intervention of one of the children in the house, who pushes the man back, that the father-in-law stops assaulting the woman, as can be seen in the video.

This is not a one-off incident of abuse & assault against a woman. Such incidents are increasingly on the rise pointing towards an immediate need to raise social awareness amongst both men and women for women’s rights and gender equality.