I have tried my level best to sort the issue privately behind closed doors: Meesha Shafi

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar’s feud is here to stay!


With so much happening including the Lux Style Awards controversy, Ali Zafar broke his silence for the first time outside the court along his wife where he told the media that Meesha’s case has been dismissed and he is no longer guilty in the eyes of law. Later on Sunday speaking on Geo News’ programme ‘Naya Pakistan’ he lost control over his emotions and said,

“ I have stayed silent for a year on the topic, whenever an allegation like this is placed on any man or woman, it completely destroys them”.

He further mentioned that he is ready to end the fiasco stating, “We both know each other since long, my kids have played with yours. I still urge you to block out all voices and just isolate yourself and connect to God and end this. If you put one foot forward I will come ten steps forward.”


After this Meesha Shafi marked her first appearance since she filed the harassment case (on Monday) on Geo News’ programme ‘Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada kay Sath’. She said that she is not afraid to face the court nor she is using social media as her defense. She called the hashtag #FaceTheCourtMeeshaShafi incorrect saying,

“I will appear before the court whenever it summons me”

Speaking on the show Meesha said she had a detailed meeting spanning over two hours with Ali Zafar’s representatives before going public and wished to resolve the matter privately as she did not want to work further with Ali Zafar, and that she had communicated this “privately through representatives in a very clear manner”.

“I have tried my level best to sort the issue privately behind closed doors. But I didn’t get any breakthrough.”

She further that she was asked what she would do if there is an apology and when she sent her response to the apology offer, Zafar went back to his request for her to meet him at his residence. Meesha underscored that she has a number of witnesses with her who are willing to record their statement in the court.

“As per the harassment laws, the witnesses’ testimony is taken as evidence.” – Meesha Shafi

We don’t know that whats coming up next and all we can say and pray for is that may this feud comes to rest.