I stand against working with people who may be great artists but beat their wives: Sarwat Gilani




Acclaimed actor Sarwat Gilani, who recently played Nucchi in film Joyland opens up about her decision to portray strong female roles on screen, Pakistani media’s responsibility to teach self-respect and more.

In an interview with JORE, the actor expressed how her being an activist for women’s rights and later her role in Churails drove her decision to avoid playing half-baked Sati Savitri female characters on screen. “I’m encouraging women to raise their voice on one end, how can I be acting like a woman who cannot do anything for herself on the other”, she shared.


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 Speaking of the role of media and how it goes beyond just entertainment, Sarwat Gilani talked how it is responsible for teaching values, self-respect. “We need to teach. I mean, media can’t just be about entertainment. It’s a huge responsibility. You need to teach younger people, men, how to behave around women. A man is not someone who beats his wife or stalks girls. Until we don’t show what a man is supposed to be, men will continue to be how they are.”

When asked about the Metoo movement and the factors pushing against it in Pakistan, she emphasized the need to take into account basic values while partnering with another artist, deeming reasons such as “Hey, he’s a great artist but he’s a child molester,’ or ‘He’s beaten up his wife but he’s a great actor,” to be principally wrong. You should not work with such people and should stand up against them, she asserted.