‘Hum ko toh yeh larka Shabana lagta hai’: PTI’s toxic masculinity now targetting Hamza Shehbaz




PTI politician Qasim Khan Suri recently took to Twitter, solely to criticize Hamza Shehbaz for dressing aesthetically in a classic example of toxic masculinity.

Suri, who formerly also held the position of Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly  made a Twitter post in which he seemed to be poking fun at Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shehbaz, simply for dressing up in an aesthetic manner. The picture which Suri chose to comment on is one of Hamza dressed in a plain yellow shirt with a chequered coat.

“Fashion ka yeh daur suhana lagta hai. Acha mard zanana lagta hai. Pal bhar main kese badalte hain naqshe. Hum ko toh yeh larka Shabana lagta hai”, wrote Suri alongside Hamza’s picture. Sadly, Suri seems to be of the flawed view that dressing up in a cultured, aesthetically pleasing manner or being artistically inclined is something that is strictly reserved for the female gender alone!

This is not the first time that PTI politician’s have made brutish, unrefined and severely mysoginistic remarks against fellow politicians, following the lead of their leader Imran Khan who has targetted Bilawal Bhutto Zardari more than once, simply for his demeanor and his effeminate manner.

Sadly, it seems to be a norm amongst PTI to assume that anything feminine must be less and is worthy of mockery, and men cannot be anything other than stern, and brutish creatures incapable of showing any hint of tenderness, creativity or sensitivity in life! They seem oblivious to the idea that beauty and an appreciation of symmetry and aesthetics is something that is common to all human beings irrespective of gender, race or class- and it’s denial in oneself only results in confusion and disorder!