How To Celebrate Father’s Day This Year!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

Father’s Day is tomorrow, however like every other year it’s not possible to go out for a meal at your father’s favorite restaurant this year round, hence we’ve compiled some easy ways to celebrate this year’s fathers day to help you cheer up your Dad!
Father's Day

Order a brunch platter for him
Making breakfast is getting a little outdated and we’ve already done it last year so this time order a brunch platter for him to make it special. We ordered one from Deja by Khadija.

Watch a documentary together
If your father’s into documentaries then search through Netflix to watch something together. Our suggestion would be the last dance.

Break your previous PlayStation scores
Bring it on this Sunday while you play Fifa this Father’s Day! Break all your previous records and have fun.

Fire up the grill
The only time men take cooking seriously when it’s barbecue time. Fire up the grill this Sunday and have barbecue party with your dad. If you don’t know how to, well then it’s your time to learn from your Dad!
Father's Day

Have a backyard picnic with board games
Get a sheet, some fruits and sandwiches and head to your backyard. Bring his favorite board game to entertain him.
Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day, hope you have a great one!
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