Horlicks contains the right Nutrition that your Child needs



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In their newest campaign, Horlicks has teamed up with mothers in Pakistan, who believe in the power of Horlicks, to help spread the word about its nutritional value under the hashtag #HorlicksDoodhKiShakti.

Horlicks has been launched in two exciting flavors- Chocolate & Malt.

While children of all ages need proper nourishment, it is most true for children under fourteen years of age. Many medical journals have been published outlining the importance of proper attention and nourishment for growing children. Each glass of Horlicks is filled with 19 vital nutrients, such as calcium, iron, Vitamin C, etc which supports growth, bone strength & energy release.

As children begin school, their bodies and minds begin to expend energy in diverse and new ways, be it academics, sports or other extra-curricular activities. School-going children need more energy than those that stay at home – additionally, growing children tend to be fussy eaters and it isn’t always possible for them to receive all the nourishment required from solid food.


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Mothers trust Horlicks to help provide the right nutrients required for their growing children; be it for a stronger immune system, more muscle mass, or extra brain power. Children that appear healthy may by suffering from an insufficiency of micronutrients that can go unnoticed until it may be too late.

Here’s what one mother has to say about Horlicks:

“Giving right nutrition to kids is very important. Before any important milestone be exams, or school competitions, I give my kids Horlicks with milk. During this age, it is very important for kids to have the right nutrition. They gain height during this time, are involved in school curriculum, sports and what not. I have known Horlicks for a long time, it is a trusted brand & I get the chocolate flavor for my child. My child loves the flavor, and I am very satisfied that he is getting all 19 nutrients that are required for overall growth & development.”


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Mothers have made videos in support of their trust in Horlicks. Influencer mom such as Uroosa Khan, talks about how difficult it is for her to get her child to eat properly due to his picky eating habits, and how Horlicks has made it a lot easier for her son to get the nutrition he needs. Binish Umair, is very happy with how just three spoons of Horlicks provides her son with an endless pool of energy that he requires to partake in all the activities he loves. Rida Syed shows how her son’s day starts at 7:30 AM, and is a continuous relay of one after another outdoor sport or activity, for which he needs to be energetic and ready, and what better way than a glass of Horlicks mixed in milk. Other influencer-moms, such as Reesham Naqvi, and Sania Khan have also taken to their social media to show how well their children have adapted to Horlicks and how it contributes to their day.