Hareem Shah & the FIA: Money Laundering or just regular trolling?



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The bold entertainer #HareemShah recently created a storm on Twitter following a viral video in which she can be seen flaunting stacks of money. However, the video seems to have gotten Hareem in trouble this time, as the Federal Investigation Agency has responded by launching an investigation against the TikToker for money laundering.

It all started with the video Hareem posted while counting heaps of money, which has now gone viral.


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The video has landed Hareem in hot waters, with the FIA launching a money laundering probe against her. However, Hareem has openly denied involvement in any such activities claiming that she doesn’t even have much information about money laundering or how it works, deeming the video to have been ‘a joke’ mainly.

While there has not been any further development in FIA’s investigation and #Hareem Shah’s stacks, one thing is for certain, Hareem Shah certainly has made a huge comeback with another one of her ingenious antics, and the TikTok star has been trending on Twitter ever since.

A case of money laundering or just another classic case of trolling by famed TikToker Hareem Shah? What are your views on the matter? Let us know in the comments!