Hareem Shah claims she will ‘sacrifice a politician’ before Eid




Social media sensation Hareem Shah claims she will ‘sacrifice a politician’ before Eid. She has vowed to expose politicians in a series of videos, during a press conference held at the Lahore Press Club.

Amidst media and journalists, Shah declared her plans to “sacrifice a politician” before Eid. She said her press conference would be followed by a series of video leaks involving prominent politicians exposing corruption, impropriety, and abuse of power.

Previously also, videos leaked by Hareem Shah became viral, getting attention on social media and exposing the hidden aspects of Pakistani politics. During the press conference, Shah claimed that the media unduly defends certain politicians, who are unworthy of public respect. Adding to this, she said that unlike journalists she is not afraid of those in power and will continue to show their true face to the world.

The TikTok star’s warning warning has worried many politicians, who are worried about how she might affect their reputation. She named many popular politicians, including Fayaz-ul- Hassan Chohan, Molana Fazlur Rehman, Sheikh Rasheed, and many others. With the press conference getting media attention, followers are waiting for what Hareem might reveal in the upcoming days.