‘Bakvas band kareyn’: Hareem Shah & Sheikh Rasheed’s telephonic conversation on live TV




Hareem Shah & Sheikh Rasheed's telephonic conversation

Famed TikToker Hareem Shah recently prank called the Minister for Interior, Sheikh Rasheed from a live TV show driving him to a point where he lashed out saying ‘Bakvas band kareyn’, and the internet has been in fits ever since.

Better known by her stage name ‘Drama Queen’, Hareem was sitting with the show host who asked her to teach him to befriend Sheikh Rasheed. In response, the social media entertainer took out her phone and dialled the number saved in her contacts as “Sheikhoo” on live television.

Answering the phone, Sheikh Rasheed asked Hareem to call him later but when Hareem insisted, he suddenly lashed out saying ‘Bakvas band kareyn’ and hung up.

Soon, the video of the prank call went viral over social media, with #HareemShah trending on Twitter, with users having a field day- sharing memes, laughter and opinions on the hilarious incident. Some of these were:

This one about audiences waiting for the next episode of the show!

And one on the reality of the society we live in.