Gul Apa schools Faazi on ‘proper way of speaking to women’




In the latest episode of romantic comedy ‘Chupke Chupke‘, we all saw Gul Apa setting aside personal differences with Meenu to intercede into her squabble with Faazi, and call out Faazi for disrespecting his wife, telling him that no matter what the situation, there is a proper way of speaking to women!

Gul Apa played by actress Mira Sethi further goes onn to give Faazi  the example of her own husband Miskeen, who she says has never misbehaved with her in such a manner. She also tells him that the manner he is adopting is not human.


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Although this is not the first time Faazi has displayed a bad temper, and reacted harshly towards his wife, this is the first time, that Gul Apa, setting her own personal grudges with Meenu aside has really taken up the responsibility of an elder sister, schooling her younger brother on the proper way to speak to his wife and audiences are loving it!!!

However, Faazi does not seem to take his sister’s advice too seriously and goes on dragging Meenu to her house, while Gul Apa, who is also busy with preparations for Mishi’s rishta at the time, goes and speaks about the entire matter to their mother.

What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you also, like Gul Apa believe that no matter the situation there is a correct manner and tone of speaking to women, and one must not transgress those limits? Or do you think otherwise. Let us know your opinion in the comments section below!