Someone Decided to Keep a Giraffe as a Pet & Twitter is Upset!



Recently, a video of a giraffe went viral because it was kept in a house in the DHA area of Karachi. This came as a surprise to the nation because it is very unusual to keep a wildl animal like the giraffe at home that too as a domestic pet!

Social media quickly became abuzz with the giraffe becoming a trending topic. People expressed their disappointment and disapproval of keeping the giraffe as a domestic pet especially because it belongs in the wild.

Here’s what’s going on on Twitter:

Shaniera Akram expressed extreme disbelief upon seeing the viral video of the giraffe.

Giraffe Giraffe

Ali Gul Pir informed Twitter that the very same house had been issued a warning last year also. Unfortunately and quiet apparently there was no progress.


Reportedly the Sindh Wildlife team visited the premises with a message of awareness and requested the animal to be shifted outside of the residential area. Here’s more on what happened:


Fuel to the fire was added just when another Twitter user decided to share a video clip of a lion in a car near the Y Block Petrol pump in the DHA Lahore area.


What are you thoughts on keeping wild animals as domestic pets? We certainly do not support it as it falls under animal abuse. Let us know what your opinion is by leaving a comment on our Instagram page!