First-ever Hindu woman appointed DSP in the history of Pakistan



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Manisha Ropeta, 26, becomes first the first Hindu District Superintendent of Police (DSP). Ropeta belongs to a middle class family from Jacobabad. She is currently under training and will most likely be posted in Lyari, the most densely-populated locality of Karachi.

Manisha Ropeta said that she wants to set the example that girls from good families can join police networks and work in district courts. She asserted that joining the police empowers women and girls.

“From childhood, I and my sisters have seen the same old system of patriarchy where girls are told if they want to get educated and work it can only be as teachers or doctors,” she said. “Women are mostly oppressed and become the target of many crimes in our society. I joined the police because I feel women always seem to need a ‘protector’ for themselves in our society,” she added.

Manisha Ropeta says she aims to encourage gender equality in the police. “I want to lead a feminization drive and encourage gender equality in the police force. I have always been very inspired and attracted to the police work.”

From her four siblings, three are already doctors and her youngest brother is also studying medicine. In police, Ropeta is aiming to take on tough and challenging tasks. She passed the Sindh Public Service Commission examination last year, ranking 16th on the list of 152 successful candidates.