Falak says doctor stopped him from bringing flowers for newborn baby



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Pakistani singer Falak Shabir and wife Sarah Khan recently welcomed a newborn baby girl, and Falak says that the doctor has stopped him from bringing flowers for the baby!

The Mera Mann Kehne Laga singer, who has now become famous for the flowers he gifts to wife Sarah every day, ever since the couple got married, is not going to be bringing any flowers for the baby for now. Recently, he made a post in which sharing a picture of a man sharing a life-sized bouquet he implied that is what he is “feeling now”. However, expressing his inability to take such a bouquet home he wrote “But Dr said newborn baby ko phool se dur rakheyn”

However, finding a solution for his fix in a later post, sharing a video of Sarah kissing the newborn baby, he zooms in on his flower, writing “Baby k liye toh Doctor ne manna kiya but wife k liye toh phool ayenge.”

The beautiful baby girl arrived just two days ago, and Falak shared the news in a heartfelt post, promising to love and protect his wife and baby daughter for all time to come. He wrote: “MASHALLAH When it comes to true strength and the ability to endure pain, women blow us away. The morning sickness, the heartburn, the sleeplessness,backaches,mood swings and what not! Then there’s also the mental stress of worrying that the baby they’re carrying is healthy, juggling work with pregnancy exhaustion, trying to plan out the nursery down to the last perfectly matched detail and coming up with a baby name that’s unique enough to stand out! Then, at the time of giving birth the pain mother feels is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time. Can you imagine the mothers pain and love? SubhanAllah!”


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