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Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

The shopping malls may have queues outside of them but the wise decision this time is to celebrate Eid at home. The pandemic still stands as a haunting threat to the health and safety of of all our loved ones so we hope everyone will be celebrating #EidAtHome.  In these troubling times it’s wise to allocate your resources to those who need it the most, who need to feed their families and pay the fees for the children’s education. Let’s make this Eid different. This time Twitter is preaching how it’s wise not to buy clothes but rather donate the money to those in need with the hashtag #EidAtHome.
Let’s see what they have to say:



We need to realize that due to the on going pandemic many people are suffering. Scarcity is threatening our laborer and we need to take charge and help those in need. We also need to remember how the money spent on our clothes could serve such a good purpose and fulfill the necessities of certain families. We urge you to be mindful this Eid as well.
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