The Balcony Series by Areesh Zubair is the Answer to Photography Right Now!



A Pakistani photographer, Areesh Zubair decided to make the most out of the current situation by bringing a twist on modern photography and introducing the ‘Durr Se Portrait’ – The Balcony Series. The photographer decided to go to people’s homes and take portraits from their streets while they pose on their balconies and terraces. The concept is to capture life in lockdown and to reflect on how an average person is dealing with it.

Zubair has been responsible in ensuring that all social distancing protocols are put to practice amid creating the Balcony Series.

Areesh Zubair
Source: Momina’s Mixed Plate

Zubair’s initiative of bringing a new perspective to photography in light of the latest pandemic is worth appreciation not only because it’s something very fresh but also because it send out the right message of practicing social distancing as it shows people in ‘portraits’ from afar, in quarantine.

Seeing such a refreshing concept of modern photography in the contemporary times take shape so beautifully is truly heart warming.

Here are some of our favourite lives from the Durr Se Potrait series!

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