Smoking scene from drama ‘Yunhi’ points out society’s double standards for men & women

Shanzay Salman

Shanzay Salman

Features Editor

Drama ‘Yunhi‘ points out society’s double standards for men & women in a smoking scene, where Maya Ali talks about how smoking is equally bad for both men and women, but still there is a very negative stereotype associated with women smoking.

The female lead in the drama Kaneez played by Maya Ali talks about how people make it out to a ‘bad habit’ when it comes to females, and make it a ‘no issue’ when it involves a male.

The scene sparked debate about why a woman smoking gets so much more criticism than male smokers. The question becomes valid considering the normalization of male smokers- on the streets and in homes, as compared to females who smoke and are stigmatized by society.

Smoking causes an equal amount of damage to the lungs of both men are women- who basically have the same body biology and inner organs! However, the hypocrisy of our society holds both to different standards- where men are easily accepted as smokers, but God forbid a cigarette be seen in a woman’s hand and her reputation will be ruined!

Disclaimer: Smoking is injurious to health. The article in no way promotes smoking.