Twitter asks why women get much more flak for smoking than men, after Alizeh Shah’s viral video



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Twitter debates why a woman smoking gets much more criticism than male smokers after a video of actress Alizeh Shah smoking recently went viral. The question is not an unlikely one considering the normalization of male smokers- on the streets or in homes- in our society, as compared to females who smoke and are gawked upon and stigmatized by our people.

The debate arose after Alizeh Shah’s viral video over social media, in which she has clearly been filmed without her knowledge or consent. However, never mind that part- as in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, apparently no one seems to be concerned about the forced defamation of women- and instead the criticisms seemed to be directed towards the fact that Alizeh is smoking in the car!

While many took to social media to voice their hate for Alizeh Shah others pointed out the hypocrisy of our society where men are easily accepted for being smokers, or even chain smokers, but God forbid a cigarette be seen in a woman’s hand and her reputation and social standing will be tainted for life! Despite the fact that cigarette smoking causes an equal amount of damage to the lungs of both men are women- who basically have the same body biology and inner organs! But, it is the hypocrisy of our society that holds them to different standards!

Here are some of the tweets people shared:

“I’ve never seen Pakistanis criticizing men who smoke,but when they see a woman smoking,they lose control!”

This one: “When a man smokes it damages his lung. When a woman smokes it damages her character.”

And this last one! 😆