Double Game: Netizens call out ‘local overseas Pakistani woman’ drama



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In what turned out to be a poorly planned double game, netizens have called out the ‘local overseas Pakistani woman’ drama shared by Special Assistant to PM Dr Shahbaz Gill that had been circulating over social media.

The drama in question involved various video clips of an anchor interviewing people at random, from the Pakistani public- and a woman who seemed to be reappearing in different get ups and personas in more than one interview, in all of which she seemed to be speaking passionately in defence of our dear PM Imran Khan!

The minister Shahbaz Gill also shared one of the videos of the local Pakistani woman speaking in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s defence, saying that he is the only hope for Pakistanis. “This is the daughter of this nation. This is intellectual freedom. I wish our great intellectuals could come out of their hatred and see this and be able to think,” Gill captioned the video.

 However, it was not long before eagle-eyed netizens caught up on the planted interviews, the fake reporter and the acting of aunty who turned out to actually be a “social media paid actor” always seen defending the PTI-led government while speaking to the same “reporter”.

Soon, netizens reacted with social media memes and parody videos poking fun at the entire fiasco!

Pakistani activist Jibran Nasir also poured in some sarcasm, linking the woman in two separate videos to the “Fiza-Shiza” scene from a Pakistani drama.

“Fiza (overseas Pakistani) and Shiza (local Pakistani) both support PTI,” Jibran wrote with a smile smiley.