Don’t emotionally distance through the social distancing!

Mahrang Anwer

Mahrang Anwer

Let’s not emotionally distance ourselves in quarantine! We were told we will have to self isolate for a couple of weeks. Initially that didn’t seem like much of  a problem.  Our brains assumed meeting your close friend’s and significant other’s doesn’t count into the isolation. The lockdown showcased else wise.

We could be stuck in different cities, different towns, different countries during this time. Without a hint of as much as a hug from our loved ones.

We have round up some tips to keep ourselves emotionally connected while we socially distance.

Keep an emotion journal

journalWrite down your emotions through the day, if a certain news makes you agitated and anxious or a certain thing someone said makes you go by the day, write all your emotions down to keep a track of the recurring ones.

Communicate your positive and negative emotions

communicateBody language does have an influence in the way we receive and deliver information about ourselves or others, however communication is the key to all relationships. Setting a date or a certain time that both the communicating parties agree on will allow for something to look forward to during your day. Also provide consistency to your relationship.

Dress up for each other

dressing up

We don’t have much a reason to dress up , but dressing up for our cyber dates can be fun for and also show the effort we put in to meet the other person, even if it may be over a video call. Dive deep into your wardrobes and whip out new looks!

Play a game

online gamingSelect a game that both of you can play online, may it be chess, poker or an series of online quiz, doing something together that releases dopamine in our brains is a highly effective way to relate and stay connected

Movie date

movie dateAgree on a movie that you guys have always wanted to watch, and watch it together on a video date. You can exchange your remarks on the movie and still stay connected.

As we all know, these are tough times that we only read about in history books. But we humans have a history of years of evolution, this being part of that evolution. Remember to share your burden, your love, your prayers as that mutual endurance is part of what makes us human.