Dilruba Comes to an End on a Powerful Note!



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Hania Amir starrer Dilruba aired its last episode on Saturday, with a surprising ending that really had us shook. In case you weren’t following the serial, here’s a short recap for you.

Dilruba’s storyline revolves around a bubbly and young carefree college girl Sanam (played by Hania Amir) who enjoys toying with multiple men at once for the sake of entertainment and mere emotional pleasure. However, as hearts continue to break in the course of action, eventually Sanam is met with karma. Towards the end of the drama serial, Sanam has transformed from a lively bubbly girl to a pain-stricken and heartbroken girl who not only loses all her relationships because of her irresponsible behavior, but also her child and home.

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The drama serial executed its ending on a very impactful note which the audience has been very appreciative of. Hania delivered some extremely powerful dialogues which highlighted the plight of women when they’re the only ones held accountable at the end of the day regardless of the man taking the lead in the first place!

Watch Hania deliver powerful dialogues below:

Here’s how Twitter is reacting the last episode of Dilruba!


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