You Are Guaranteed To Fall in Love With Hania Amir in Dilruba!



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Source: HUM TV

Hania Amir‘s latest drama Dilruba just aired its second episode and boy oh boy, are we hooked or what? Question really is, what’s really got us hooked? And honestly, its the dimpled beauty Hania Amir and here’s why:

In the drama title, Hania plays the role of ‘Sanam’ to perfection – a young carefree college girl who has a crowd of men following her everywhere she goes, wearing their heart on their sleeves for the spirited temptress. Sanam is pretty, witty, social media popular ( precisely a TikTok starlet) and every man’s dream come true. She knows how to flutter her eyes and she knows how to use her words!

Hania in Dilruba
Source: HUM TV

Her personality is the one to attract and melt even the toughest of them all, and not only is she very much aware of it, she also uses it to her full advantage.

As the story begins to unfold, we are foreseeing a plot that perhaps revolves around Sanam toying multiple men at once for the sake of entertainment. In a more practical perspective of the society we live in today, its usually the men who are showcased as the ones indulging in two-timing scenarios. However; Dilruba is a complete reversal of the situation giving the audience something new to taste!

Here’s what people are saying about Dilruba:

Seemingly, despite the fact we are only two episodes in, the audience for Dilruba is growing by the minute. The way the Janaan actress has executed her role is very commendable. No other actress would have been a better fit! If you agree – let us know by dropping a comment on our Instagram page!

Watch the teaser of the drama title below: