Detoxing the plastic out of the ecosystem!

Mahrang Anwer

Mahrang Anwer

With the Arizonian Prescott National Forest under a wildfire spread across 1800 acres,  the world has once again refocused the attention on the pressing and prevailing environment crisis. Environmental calamity has been going on for a while but with the repercussions of negligence unfolding almost everyday, the cry for help has never been more loud.



Our Government taking a step in the right direction has banned plastics and is trying to introduce alternatives, however the fight against plastic is not going to end so abruptly. Necessary measures have to be taken at every scale.

The fashion and beauty industry have also taken a stance on the matter. The booming $500 billion per year global personal care industry relies on plastic packaging and the fashion industry accounts for 92 million tons of waste.

Nabila salon recently pointed out some of the horrors of suffocating plastics all around us in a shoot called ‘PLASTIC SUFFOCATES:LET THAT SINK IN’. With Sadaf Kanwal as the model, Nabila has tried to address a problem through her popular platform and we hope the message does actually sink in.

Ali Xeeshan also joined the force and exhibited his ‘Plastic Monster’ parade in New York. His collection reiterates how plastics are literally choking the marine life and our ecosystem in general and the carbon footprint of this menace is a permanent one to remove.

With that said there are certain ways we as responsible individuals can adopt and contribute to saving the environment. If we evaluate our daily lives and eliminate the things we don’t really need.  If we switch to healthy alternatives that in turn will have a domino effect for a greater outcome, we could all benefit from the provision of a toxic free environment.